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Basic data about the University of Zenica




On 18th October 2000, the Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) and Assembly of ZDC reached the Decision on establishment of the University of Zenica.

The University of Zenica (UNZE) represents a success of 50-year old higher education tradition in Zenica, and in 2010, a small jubilee was celebrated – it was the 10th anniversary since the mentioned decision has been reached, which represented a logical and natural sequence in the development of higher education and scientific and research work in Zenica. A multitude of university activities, in the academic sense and in R&D work, work of management of member faculties, as well as, the Rector's Office activities, completely justify this Decision on establishment of the University, and they prove the University of Zenica has the capacity to generate the development of the Region of Central Bosnia. The University of Zenica started to function as an institution in 2004. In 2005, the Faculty of metallurgy and materials, the Faculty of mechanical engineering and the Faculty of education acted in the capacity of legal persons; and in 2006, the full integration of member faculties started.


Up to today, the University managed to develop a flexible and effective organization, capable to respond quickly to demands of near and broad environment, and in that way, UNZE serves as a support to the society and as a promoter of new ideas and concepts.


Full name:
Address: Fakultetska 3, 72 000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: + 387 32 444 430, + 387 32 444 420
Fax: + 387 32 444 431
Website: www.unze.ba
Type: Public Institution
Total surface area of premises: 40.000 m2
Official email address: rektorat@unze.ba



Organization of the University of Zenica (UNZE)

The University of Zenica has been organized, and today is working, in accordance with the legal provisions from:


The articles of the Statutes that directly or indirectly imply the organization of UNZE are:

Article 3 - Basic guidelines and objectives of the University of Zenica
Article 4 - Power of the University 
Article 6 - Inviolability of the University premises
Article 8 - Responsibility of the University
Article 9 - Language and rights to higher education
Article 10 – The academic freedom and autonomy of the University
Article 11 – Freedom of the University
Article 12 – Autonomy of the University
Article 13 - Name and location of the University
Article 14 - Right to representation
Article 15 – Rights and duties of the Founder
Article 16 – A report on the operations of the University
Article 17 – The sign of the University
Article 18 – Stamp of the University and Organisational Units
Article 19 – Joining of the University
Article 20 – Register of the Municipal Court in Zenica
Article 21 – Statutory changes; (CHAPTER IV. ACTIVITIES OF THE UNIVERSITY)
Article 22 – Activities of the University
Article 24 – Conditionality of the University organisation
Article 25 – Internal organisational structure of the University and types of organisational units
Article 26 – Definitions of the organisational units
Article 27 – Rector's Office of the University
Article 28 – Organisational units of the University
Article 29 – Establishing, dividing, merging and eliminating the organisational units
Article 30 – Acting of organisational units in legal representation
Article 33 – Autonomy and authorization of the organisational units
Article 34 – Organisational subdivisions of organisational units
Article 35 – The University as a founder of scientific organisations/institutions
Article 36 – Jurisdiction of faculties and their parts in the frame of the University
Article 37 – The authorization of organisational units in the field of scientific-research work and permanent professional advancement
Article 38 – Types of scientific-research and professional work of the organisational units


The public institution University of Zenica is organised and works as one legal subject, and contains other organisational units: faculties, institutes and centers. Faculties contain the core chairs, uniformed for the entire university, and this avoids scientific dualism and enables scientific uniformity in accordance to the Frascati criteria, and recommendations of UNESCO and UNIDO. 

The University is lead by a Rector, who is in his/her work helped by four vice-rectors (vice-rector for finances and development, vice-rector for student affairs and teaching process, vice-rector for scientific-research work, vice-rector for international cooperation and quality assurance). Rector and vice-rectors are elected for the period of four years on a basis of the public call, to which teachers outside the University of Zenica, who have the adequate academic rank, can also apply.    

In regard to the expert legal issues, a rector is helped by Secretary general and the Office of legal affairs. 

Senate of the University of Zenica is the most important academic and professional body of the University, chaired by the elected president of the Senate, who belongs to the teaching staff of a faculty and who is delegated by a faculty in accordance with the Rulebook on work of the Senate. Members of the Senate represent all the faculties (dean + one person elected as a representative), institutes and centers; there are, also, rector and vice-rectors, and representatives of the students of all study cycles (min. 15% of total number of members). 

Steering Board of the University of Zenica has seven members; four of them are appointed by the Founder (ZDC) and three by the University of Zenica. They are representatives of the academic and non-academic staff, students and the Founder. A procedure for election and appoinment of a president and members of the Steering Board is iniciated simultaneously by the Senate and the Canton Government, and at least 6 (six) months before the mandate of the current members of the Steering Board expires. The Senate determines general and specific criteria for appointments of the Steering Comittee members, elected from the academic staff of the University, and a member, who will be elected among students of UNZE. If the above-mentioned criteria are established, the Senate makes a decision on a contest announcement and appoints a committee for selecting members of the academic staff of the University and for a member among students, who will be the appointed members of the Steering Board. Rules of work, duties and responsibilities are clearly stated in the Statutes of UNZE (from Article 48 to Article 60).

Student Union of the University of Zenica is a top organization for gathering and organizing students of the University of Zenica, and it coordinates the work of student organizations on all faculties. The student union is chaired by a president of the Union, who is also a member of UNZE Senat. 

Quality Assurance Comittee of the University of Zenica is an important element of UNZE work. It is consisted of a QA manager of UNZE and QA managers of the organisational units, and it is led by vice-rector of quality assurance and international cooperation. The Quality Comittee contains: Office of ECTAS led by a manager of ECTAS; Office of competence and career development led by a manager of competence; and Office for work with persons with special needs with its manager. An important link for the work of the Quality Assurance Comittee is the Stakeholder Forum of UNZE, a permanent body of 23 external and 8 internal permanent members.  

Also, UNZE structure has other bodies and units, and their place, role, significance and responsibilities are clearly defined, e.g. there are: Student Center, Ethics Comittee, various commissions, etc.