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- Promotion of innovations and entrepreneurship among students and teaching staff,
- Organizing of, or participation in organizing, conferences, consultancies, internships (workshops), fairs, etc.
- Cooperating role between the University and the job market, related to the creation and development of the new teaching plans and programs,
- Development of innovative and entrepreneurial activity within the student corpus through writing of seminar papers and graduation theses, needed by the economy in the region,
- Assistance in developing research for master and doctoral theses which are needed by the economy in the region and in B&H,
- Promotion of international cooperation on a project and program basis,
- Writing business plans of interest for the economic development and establishment of innovative companies through development of prototypes,
- Promotion and development of information and communication technologies (IKT) as an important segment of innovation in teaching, scientific and research work,
- Multimedia presentations and seminars with different subjects as an addition to the content of the existing bachelor and master studies,
- Development support programs to the spin-off and spin-out companies within the academic community, and the assistance to the SME region toward stronger business growth and development,
- Assistance in organizing of SME clusters and technology transfer from the developed countries

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true Petković Darko dpetkovic@mf.unze.ba University of Zenica

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre of the University of Zenica participated in implementation of the employee training program for wood processing companies in the Region of Central Bosnia & Herzegovina (jointly with REZ Agency Zenica), together with the Centre of Wood Excellence, for the purpose of the Federal Ministry for Development, Entrepreneurship and Craft (February – March 2008, 60 hour training program), and in a cooperation with Business Service Centre (BSC) of the Cantonal Government participated in the realization of Academy of Entrepreneurship and the Contents of best entrepreneurial ideas.

Other results

- Three conferences held every year (RT JIE 2012 on Jahorina Mountain, BDC 2012 in Zenica and Techno-Educa 2012 in Zenici);

- EIC participated in WBC INCO Project;

- Three projects implemented in partnership with BSC of the Government of ZDC;

- we led the project on entrepreneurial education SEECEL at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;

- EIC established many contacts among the labs of the faculties and the business entities,

- we also helped students in regard to performing practices, employment, mobility, participation in the conferences, etc.

- For many years, we have worked on establishing connections with the business entities, and by now it is proved that the issue of cooperation between the university and the business entities is no problem.

- Among our international partners, we can single out these: the Technology Park (TP) of Girona, TP of Barcelona, TP of Torino, TP of Valles, IRI in Ljubljana, Resica Network, etc.

- Also, approximately six months ago, a new faculty, i.e. Faculty of Polytechnics, was established at the University of Zenica, and this faculty directly empowers the entrepreneurial learning at the University; although, every faculty of the UNZE has already adopted a new curriculum on entrepreneurial learning.

- In November of this year, the EIC held the above-mentioned Techno-Educa Conference, titled "With entrepreneurial ideas towards better future", and in 2011, Techno-Educa was titled "Show your competence and create your job".

- EIC participated in a very important project "COMPETENCE - Matching competence in higher education and economy: from competence catalogue to strategy and curriculum development".

- EIC was awarded as the best Tempus project in the EU in area of business binding of the EU universities with the universities from the Balkans.

- EIC also led these projects: TP of Mostar, NTP of Montenegro and Business Zone of Herzegovina, and as well, the project of industrial competence with the University of KaHo Sint-Lieven (Belgium) and VOLVO Cars.

- Many books were published: The technology parks, Guidebook on entrepreneurship, How to start own business; there were also held numerous seminars, training and various contents for the best business plans, start-up competitions, etc.



Important projects


  • Tempus; SHEQA - 511262-TEMPUS-1-2010-2012BE-TEMPUS-SMGR (2010-2012); Ka-Ho Saint Lieven University of Ghent; Strategic Management of Higher Education Institutions Based on Integrated Quality Assurance System

  • Tempus; 144584-Tempus-1-2008-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR 2009-2011; University of Novi Sad; Introduction and Implementation of Academic Program in Community Youth Work through Enhancing Regional Cooperation in the countries of Western Balkan.

  • Tempus; 158999_Tempus_ES_SMGR; University of Alicante; Strengthening Quality Assurance System within West Balkans HEI's in Support of National and Regional Planning 

  • Tempus; 145129-Tempus-1-2008-1-BA-TEMPUS-SMSHES; University of Zenica; COMPETENCE: Matching Competences in Higher Education and Economy: from Competence Catalogue to Strategy and Curriculum Development

  • Tempus; JEP 41108_2006; Politecnico di Torino; Establishment of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the University of Zenica

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